Custom Arctic Adventures

The lights over the suites at Spirit Lights Lodge.

The Brooks Range.

Fall color along the Koyukuk river.

Gates of the Arctic National Park.

Sunset through the trees.

The Brooks Range.

Snow shoes are provided at no cost.

After midnight on the summer solstice.


Unlike other destinations which offer canned deals and one size fits all travel, at Spirit Lights Lodge no two tours are alike. Your adventure is custom made to fit you. Like dog sledding and reading? No problem. Hiking and photography? We've got you covered. Laying under the lights? We can do that. At Spirit Lights Lodge your trip will be designed to exceed your expectations.  If we can make it happen we will, and if we can't we'll tell you so.
Parkas, Boots, Skis and Snow shoes are all provided at no extra charge for all our guests.
Dog sledding, Snow Machine rides and Flight seeing are all available in Bettles for those seeking more adventure.