P.O. Box 90, Bettles, Alaska, 99726 907-692-5252

Your customized Arctic Adventure is waiting. See what people are saying about us!

Reservations are accepted for December 15th through March 31st

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While the Aurora dances overhead, tall tales fly around the dinner table where guests from around the country and all over the world join together to be entertained by hosts Annie and Bernard Browne and their local friends.

Upon your arrival in Bettles, you are greeted at the plane and taken to an apartment sized suite complete with kitchen, sitting area, TVand full private bath and shower. The view from your own second story picture window frames a snow covered landscape that often glows pink to red in the low light of winter days and fills with the Aurora at night.

I am at a loss for words to express my gratefulness to you.

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Unlike other tours, yours will be designed to meet and exceed your expectations. If we can make it happen we will, and if we can't we'll tell you so.

Parkas, Boots, Skis and Snow shoes are all provided at no extra charge for our guests.

Dog sledding, Snow Machine rides and Flight seeing are all available in Bettles for those seeking more adventure.

Seniors are always welcome and special diets are accommodated with advance notice.

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